Sandy Point Sea Turtles

We have started finding and identifying our turtles of 2022! This page features nesting leatherback, green and hawksbill sea turtles that have been adopted for this year. To adopt yours, please visit our Adopt a Turtle page! We hope you enjoy learning about the individual turtles that call Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge home!

Names will be assigned to nesting sea turtles as we find them and the page will be updated regularly throughout the year. Nesting summaries will be posted by 31 December 2022, after all the data have been compiled. We are looking forward to finding your turtles and giving them their names!

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Leatherback Turtles for 2022. (Blue text – turtle found! Orange text – arriving soon!)

Charlotte – Adopted and named by Sharon Grimes for her granddaughter Charlotte, who helped us at a nest hatching event in 2021! Charlotte’s first nest was on 11 March – she’s been nesting since 1997. Tag: AAQ943.

Nathalie – Sponsored for the fifth consecutive year by Avril Amato, we don’t expect Nathalie back this year, but we should see her in 2023! Thanks Avril ❤️

Wendy – Adopted and named by Susan Wills and Alice Luzinski, for Matt, in memory of Wayne Bowers Sr. ❤️ Wendy’s first nest was on St. Patrick’s Day morning, 17 March, and she’s been nesting at Sandy Point since 2005. Tag: MJ23.

Keelie – Adopted by Louisa Porter in 2018 (nesting summary) and named for team member Kelly, Keelie returned to Sandy Point on 30 March this year. Tag: SPP392.

Kea – This little turtle was adopted back in 2019 (nesting summary) by Tawnya, for her daughter Olivia, who named Kea in memory of her dog. Kea showed up this year on 30 March. Tag: SPP425.

Peaches – Adopted and named by Mark Chavez, in honor of KD Chavez. Peaches first nest was also adopted for KD 😀 Peaches first nest was on 2 April. Tag: SP014.

Winnie – Adopted and named by Christella Campbell for her daughter and former Sandy Point student, Violet ❤️ Winnie made her first appearance at Sandy Point in the wee hours of 2 April. Tag: SPP350.

Rie – Another 2018 returning turtle (nesting summary), Rie was adopted that year by Bejai and Dan Higgins. Her first nest at Sandy Point in 2022 was on 3 April. Tag: SPP103.

Olaf* – Adopted and named by Vicki and Steve Nelson, in memory of their dear friend Olaf Saugen ❤️ Olaf is also sponsored by Herb and Nancy Rose, who are dear friends of Olaf. Olaf’s first nest at Sandy Point was on 4 April. Tag: SPP325.

Barb – This lovely turtle was adopted by friends and family of Barb Keogh (in memory) in 2020 (nesting summary) and was sponsored by Penny Mabie. She was our first turtle to be satellite tracked that year. She returned to Sandy Point this year on 5 April. Tag: SPP088.

Madi – In 2019, Madi was adopted and named by Molly Murray ❤️ She returned this year for the first time on 8 April. Madi has been nesting for 30 years since first being tagged in 1992 (nesting summary)! Tag: PPQ148.

Rachael – Adopted by Nancy and Herb Rose, for their granddaughter Rachael, in memory of dear friend Olaf Saugen. Rachael’s first nest was in the very early morning hours of 8 April. Tag: SPP358.

Koda – Adopted by Tina Kovalik in memory of her dog in 2019 (nesting summary), Koda nested this year on 14 April. Tag: SPP393.

Maggie – Maggie first got her tags in 2011, and was adopted in 2019 by Annabelle Orme for Tim Degraff (nesting summary). She nested in 2022 on 15 April. Tag: UUK911.

Winona – This leatherback was adopted by the students in Winona State University’s St. Croix field course in 2018. We tracked Winona in 2020 and she returned to see us this year on 22 April, looking good! Her 2018 nesting summary is here. Tag: SPP421.

Dawn – Adopted in 2018 by Caretta Nature Tours, Dawn returned this year on 24 April but did not nest. She was originally tagged on Vieques. Tag: VOS0050.

Henrietta – Adopted by Sharon Faulkner for young friend Henry! Henrietta was found on the morning of 26 April! Tag: SP018.

Molly Be* – Adopted by the Lombard Smith family for Marsha and named by Marsha 🙂 The first time we saw Molly Be was 3 May. She was originally tagged in Añasco, Puerto Rico in 2015! Tag: 12 ❤️

Trouble 3* – Adopted by Marleen and Scott Karns for their three grandchildren! Trouble’s first nest was on 8 April, and she was spotted on morning patrol! Tag: SPP051.

Martha* – Adopted and named by Sean Furniss in honor of his wife, Martha. Thanks Sean, for all your hard work on behalf of Sandy Point! Martha was first seen nesting on 26 April. Tag: SPP081.

Rylee – Adopted by Melanie Clark for Jay Clark.

Adrienne – Adopted and named by Ellen and Tony Drago for their daughter.

Ted* – Adopted and named by Annelise Quinn, in honor of grandfather Ted, husband to grandmother Mona. Now we’ll have a Mona and Ted leatherback swimming the seas together ❤️❤️

Micah – Adopted and named by Angela and Todd Kuehn for their grandson Micah.

Higgy* – Adopted and named by the American Airlines PGS HDQ Team for Jennifer Higginbotham.

Caroline – Adopted by Travis Guest and Wynne Madden in loving memory of Caroline Madden De Coursey ❤️

Savannah – Adopted and named by Susan Wills, in honor of her beloved dog 🐶

Shine* – Adopted and named by Viviane Helmig.

Swabby* – Adopted and named by Vincent and Karen Thomas.

Baba* – Adopted by Karen Rike for little Oscar! Oscar says this a lot, for grandma 😉

Rita Hayworth – Named by Lisa Rau, in a nod to the Shawshank Redemption movie – Rita was on the poster in Andy’s cell, for those who know😉 Lisa was the grand prize winner in our leatherback contest (guess the correct beach and date of the first leatherback nest of 2022)!

Ruth – Adopted and named by Vanessa Peifer. 🐢

Jackson – Adopted by Stephanie Jackson, for her son Jackson, and her lovely family. ❤️

Croix – Adopted and named by Carly Ford, for her son, Croix, who was named for St. Croix!

Sharla – Adopted and named by Sharla Hartman.

Hawksbill Turtles for 2022

Benji – Benji was adopted and named by Todd and Angela Kuehn for their grandson Benji! Benji’s first nest at Sandy Point was 27 April. Tag: KKX152.

Elizabeth – Adopted by Nancy and Herb Rose, for their granddaughter Lizzy, in memory of dear friend Olaf Saugen.

Wilhelmine – Adopted and named by Vicki Marsh in honor of her mom! Vicki played along in our leatherback contest this year and won this adoption!

Siera* – Adopted and named by Sandra Nichols for her friend, Siera. ❤️

Green Turtles for 2022

Allison – Adopted by Nancy and Herb Rose, for their granddaughter Allison, in memory of dear friend Olaf Saugen. Allison’s first nest was on Cottages Beach on 30 March (early!). Tag: KKX183.

Jessie – This beautiful turtle was adopted by Mike E in memory of dear friend Jessie T. Her first nest at Sandy Point was on 8 April. Tag: KKX056.

Summer – Adopted and named by Helen del Guidice after her daughter in law ❤️ Summer’s first nest at Sandy Point this year was on 19 April. Tag: KKX028.

Harpo – Adopted and named by Susan Del Guidice for her son, Mark.

Gaza – The bronze winner in our leatherback contest was Leah Atwell! She named her adopted green turtle, Gaza.

Natasha – Adopted and named by Judy Kettenstock and Alex Peat.

Marion – Adopted and named by Peter White in memory of his paternal grandmother ❤️

Adopt and name your turtle! You can also give an adoption as a gift and let the recipient choose a name. We will be in touch with you as soon as the adoption is made to follow up.

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Nathalie, a dawn turtle in 2021, has been sponsored by Avril Amato each year since 2018.

The St. Croix Sea Turtle Project is sponsored by The Ocean Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, in cooperation with US Fish and Wildlife Service at Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.