Our Leatherbacks!

Turtles from the 2018 Season 🙂

We found 38 individual turtles in 2018. You can find their summaries (nesting history, tags, adopted parents, etc.) below. Thank you to all our supporters! You make a huge difference to our volunteer research assistant program by providing funds for groceries!

A few of our volunteer research assistants for the 2018 season!

#1. Agnes – Adopted by Dave and Debbie Bucholtz for Molly

#2. Jillene – Adopted by Peter and Jillene White

#3. MaryLisa – Adopted by The Mauney Family

#4. Amy-Lee – Adopted by Mike McKay for Amy Semple – our 10-season volunteer 🙂

#5. Joasia – Adopted by Mike Stiell for Joasia Pyrz

#6. Rose – Adopted by Dave and Debbie Bucholtz in memory of their friend Rose

#7. Jumbie – Adopted by Molly Murray

#8. Tassi – Adopted by Louisa (Scooter) Porter

#9. Laurel – Adopted by Carrie Althouse at Althouse Pottery

#10. Edith – Adopted by Olivia and George Korsun

#11. Moana – Adopted by The Higgins Family (Kirsten and Tristan)

#12. YaYa – Adopted by The Scarfo Family for our research assistant Alyssa (YaYa)

#13. Milly – Adopted by The Huenefeld Family

#14. Enid Fern– Adopted by The Freys and Knoells

#15. Dawn– Adopted by Caretta Nature Tours

#16. Culebra– Adopted by the STX Leatherback Team in 2016

#17. Nathalie – Adopted by Avril Amato in memory of her daughter Nathalie

#18. BB2– Adopted by Amy, Susie and Cathy in memory of dear Becky (BB2)

#19. Nikki – Adopted by Louisa (Scooter) Porter

#20. Caicos – Adopted by Louisa (Scooter) Porter (super-adopter!)

#21. Dorothy – Adopted by Gail Joice

#22. M&M – Adopted by The LaCasella Family for Maleia and Masen

#23. Taffy – Adopted by Barbara Mogel

#24. Lucy McGillicuddy – Adopted by Penelope Mabie for Barb Keogh

#25. Isabella – Adopted by Angela Stoops for Isabella Scarfo, our youngest volunteer

#26. Taipei – Adopted by Louisa (Scooter) Porter (super-adopter!)

#27. Sarah – Adopted by Joe and Paula Quintiliani for granddaughter Sarah

#28. Jeanette – Adopted by Tiffany Farrell

#29. Keelie – Adopted by Louisa Porter for a certain team member! (second from right)

#30. Spot – Adopted by Ellen McCormack-Ament for the dedicated volunteers of her animal welfare store (SPOT)

#31. Eliza – Adopted by Gail Joice for her friend Eliza

#32. Winona – Adopted by students and staff of Winona State University’s St. Croix class

#33. Miss Maple – Adopted by Emily and Wes Hogarth

#34. Catherine Rose – Adopted by Amy Adkins

#35. Gertie – Adopted by Sandi Schultz

#36. Dana Rae – Adopted by Kyle Woudstra for our research assistant Dana Rae

#37. Michelle – Adopted by SUPER Volunteer Donna Boles for her niece Michelle

#38. Rie – Adopted by Bejai and Dan Higgins

Stay tuned – Nesting season starts in March 2019!

The St. Croix Leatherback Project is supported by the Sea Turtle Census Initiative, which is sponsored by  The Ocean Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3) organization, based in Washington, D.C., but working globally to protect our oceans.