Sandy Point Sea Turtles

We are already busy preparing for our 2021 season! This page features all the nesting sea turtles that have been adopted over the past few years, along with their nesting summaries. We hope you enjoy learning about the individual turtles that call Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge home!

If you’d like to adopt and name a turtle or sponsor one of our satellite tagged leatherbacks, please visit – I want to help! You can adopt a leatherback, green turtle or hawksbill turtle this year!

2020 Adopted Sea Turtles (CLICK ON a name below to see nesting summary and turtle details)

You can see all 2020 turtles by clicking this LINK)

We had a very interrupted nesting season in 2020, so only a few leatherbacks were able to be named this year, because we were not able to see many. If you adopted a leatherback for 2020 and it doesn’t appear in the list below, your adoption has been carried over to 2021 (please scroll down). Or you can switch your adoption to a green turtle or a hawksbill, we still have a few of those available from 2020 that were not named!

Leatherback Turtles (all adopted)

#1. Barb – Adopted by friends and family of Barb Keogh (in memory). Barb was GPS Turtle #1! She first nested on 28 April and got her satellite tag on 8 May!

#2. Leona – Adopted by James and Rhoda Stewart for their friend Leona. Leona is GPS Turtle #2! She first nested on 10 May and already had tags from Puerto Rico from 2016. She was named Nicole there by our partners at ATMAR, so now she’s Leona Nicole πŸ™‚ 

#3. Kona – Adopted by Dee Berlinghoff, for her sons, Eric and Adam, in memory of their dog, Kona. Kona nested on 4 May 2020.

#4. Alice – Adopted by Alvena Tierney in honor of her mother. Alice nested on 19 May 2020.

Green Sea Turtles (we have 10 green turtles still available!)

#5. Amelia – Adopted by Joe and Cindy Salomone. Amelia (tag: KKX014) nested on 8 August 2020.

#6. Tabitha – Adopted by Geoff Brown for his wife Dana. Tabitha (tag: UUK995) nested on 3 September 2020.

#7. Charlie – Adopted by Lorna Larsen for her grandson Charlie Larsen. Charlie (tag: TTH348) nested on 28 August 2020.

Hawksbill Sea Turtles (we have 3 hawksbill turtles still available!)

#8. Turtle – Adopted by Joanna, named in memory of her sea loving husband Dominic, using the nickname of her wonderful mother-in-law. Turtle (tag: MK57) was first spotted on 25 June 2020. Turtle’s nest was also adopted!

#9. Joe – Adopted by Joe and Cindy Salomone. Joe (tag: KKX007) nested on 6 August 2020.

#10. Caidie – Adopted by Lorna Larsen for her grandson Caiden Larsen. Caidie (tag: KKX083) nested on 2 September 2020.


2021 Adopted Sea Turtles (starting in March 2021)

These names will be assigned to nesting turtles when the season starts in March and the page will be updated regularly during the season. Nesting summaries will be posted by 31 December 2021, after all the data have been compiled. We are looking forward to finding your turtles and giving them their names!


#1. Nellie – Adopted by Vicki Nelson for her husband Steve Nelson. Nellie will be matched with a satellite tag ID in 2021! You can sponsor her travels! Visit our donation page and choose Sponsor a GPS tagged turtle in the donation designation.

#2. Snickers – Adopted by our volunteer and supporter, Louisa Porter.

#3. Jane – Adopted by Katie Marchand for her mom, Jane.

#4. Bourtney – Adopted by Mary Peck for her sister, Courtney.

#5. Tracie Fern – Adopted by Reed Maxson in memory of his mom and to honor the nickname his mother gave his wife  πŸ™‚

#6. Kaitlyn – Adopted by Reed Maxson for his daughter.

#7. Ingenue – Adopted by Kirsten and Tris Higgins for k.d. lang πŸ˜‰

#8. Liberty Bell – Adopted by Linda Kaysen for her granddaughter Landry, who named Liberty Bell!

#9. Saffron – Adopted by Brett Greenleaf for his wife Amber, who named Saffron!

#10. Mona – Adopted by Andrea Schultz for her mother, Mona.

#11. Cindy – Adopted by volunteer Joe Salomone for his wife, Cindy.

#12. Fran – Adopted by Ellen and Tony Drago.

#13. Bijou – Adopted by Craig and Patricia Hebert, in honor of their tortoise πŸ˜‰

#14. Lizzy – Adopted by Tracy Mahaffey for her mom, Mary Brunk, who named Lizzy!

#15. Norma – Adopted by Casey Keefe and friends for our research assistant, Dana.

#16. Rosie – Adopted by Nancy Byrnes, who loves St. Croix and sea turtles!

#17. Name to be added! Adopted by Amy Frey for a school fundraiser in La Mesa, CA!

#18. Rylee – Adopted by Melanie Clark for Jay Clark.

Green Turtles for 2021

#19. Meeko – Adopted by Heather Klein for her daughter Meghan Krause.

Hawksbill Turtles for 2021

Waiting to be adopted!


2019 Sandy Point team members (not everyone is here!)


Leatherback turtles from the 2019 Season (CLICK ON names below)

In 2019, we found and named 24 individual turtles. Their summaries (nesting history, tags, adopted parents, etc.) are below. Thank you to all our supporters! All adoption funds go directly to our volunteer research assistants by providing funds for groceries!

#1. Lucky – Adopted by Sara Symons for her husband Bill. First nested on 25 March.

#2. Caroline – Adopted by Ellen and Tony Drago. First nested on 29 March.

#3. Erica – Adopted by Ellen and Tony Drago. First nested on 1 April.

#4. Ann – Adopted by volunteer Ann Mulder. First nested on 1 April.

#5. Ariella Cassandra – Adopted by Vanessa Findiesen for her grandson Ben, who gave Ariella Cassandra her name! First nest on 2 April.

#6. Maia Mia – Adopted by Vanessa Findiesen for her grandson Marcus, who gave Maia Mia her name! First nest on 3 April.

#7. Evy – Adopted by Anne Gonzales for her grand-niece Evy, who named the turtle. First nest on 5 April.

#8. Max – Adopted by Anne Gonzales for her niece Rachel, who named the turtle Max. First nest on 6 April.

#9. Kai – Adopted by Martha Henderson for her friend Ashley. First nest on 7 April.

#10. Kea – Adopted by Tawnya Merritt for her daughter Olivia, who named her turtle Kea in memory of her little dog. First nest on 7 April.

#11. Maggie – Adopted by Annabelle Orme for Tim Degraff. First nest on 13 April.

#12. Barbara Ann – Adopted by Gregg Tepe for our volunteer Tracy Cole. First appearance on 16 April (did not nest).

#13. Carol – Adopted by the Benedict Family at Cottages by the Sea for their mom, Carol. First nest on 19 April.

#14. Sadie – Adopted by Martha Henderson for Kara’s mom Sadie. First nest on 19 April.

#15. Wahine Honu – Adopted by Renee and Megan Heil at ReefBox, and named by their subscribers! First nest on 20 April.

#16. Madi – Adopted by Molly Murray. First nest on 26 April.

#17. Katrina – Adopted by Andy Simler for her granddaughter, Katrina. First nest on 28 April.

#18. Jenny – Adopted by our long-time and dedicated volunteer Amy Semple for her nature-loving mom, Jenny. First nest on 28 April.

#19. Jadie – Adopted by Sheila Wayne for her daughter Jade. Another of Sheila’s daughters – Margeaux – volunteered with us for two summers! First nest on 28 April.

#20. Nelson – Adopted by Genevieve Itamunoala for her six grandchildren. Genevieve also adopted Nelson’s nest for the season! First nest on 21 May.

#21. Tito – Adopted by Julie Flavin in honor of her daughter Tamara’s birthday. First nest on 26 May.

#22. Neisha – Adopted by Dave and Donni Benson for their daughter. First nest on 28 May.

#23. Stevie – Adopted by Dave and Donni Benson for their daughter. First nest on 1 June, in the daytime! On a remote beach that we don’t often patrol!

#24. Koda – Adopted by Tina Kovalik in memory of her dog. First nest on 9 June!

Nest Adoptions – Seven of our nests were adopted in 2019. Thank you so much to the following people who helped us take good care of our hatchlings! (Click on the nest name to see the nest results).

  1. Liz Tremblay adopted Lucky’s nest for her husband Shane!
  2. Mary Hodge adopted Evy’s first nest for Kenzie and Gracie Hodge πŸ™‚
  3. Kasimir Skvorc adopted Carol’s first nest for Logan Combs.
  4. Peter and Jill White adopted Jenny’s first nest for the White Family.
  5. Ann Gonzales adopted Max’s nest for Bill, JulieAnn and the Fisher Family.
  6. Genevieve Itamunoala adopted Nelson’s nest for all her grandchildren!
  7. Ellen Maidman adopted Kea’s first nest for Bradley McPartlin!
5. leatherback_hatchlings
Little hatchlings head for the sea in the early evening.


Leatherback turtles from the 2018 Season (CLICK ON names below)

We found 38 individual turtles in 2018. You can find their summaries (nesting history, tags, adopted parents, etc.) below. Thank you to all our supporters! You make a huge difference to our volunteer research assistant program by providing funds for groceries!

A few of our volunteer research assistants for the 2018 season!

#1. Agnes – Adopted by Dave and Debbie Bucholtz for Molly.

#2. Jillene – Adopted by Peter and Jillene White.

#3. MaryLisa – Adopted by The Mauney Family.

#4. Amy-Lee – Adopted by Mike McKay for Amy Semple – our 10-season volunteer πŸ™‚

#5. Joasia – Adopted by Mike Stiell for Joasia Pyrz.

#6. Rose – Adopted by Dave and Debbie Bucholtz in memory of their friend Rose.

#7. Jumbie – Adopted by Molly Murray.

#8. Tassi – Adopted by Louisa (Scooter) Porter.

#9. Laurel – Adopted by Carrie Althouse at Althouse Pottery.

#10. Edith – Adopted by Olivia and George Korsun.

#11. Moana – Adopted by The Higgins Family (Kirsten and Tristan).

#12. YaYa – Adopted by The Scarfo Family for our research assistant Alyssa (YaYa).

#13. Milly – Adopted by The Huenefeld Family.

#14. Enid Fern Adopted by The Freys and Knoells.

#15. Dawn Adopted by Caretta Nature Tours.

#16. Culebra Adopted by the STX Leatherback Team in 2016.

#17. Nathalie – Adopted by Avril Amato in memory of her daughter Nathalie.

#18. BB2 Adopted by Amy, Susie and Cathy in memory of dear Becky (BB2).

#19. Nikki – Adopted by Louisa (Scooter) Porter.

#20. Caicos – Adopted by Louisa (Scooter) Porter (super-adopter!).

#21. Dorothy – Adopted by Gail Joice.

#22. M&M – Adopted by The LaCasella Family for Maleia and Masen.

#23. Taffy – Adopted by Barbara Mogel.

#24. Lucy McGillicuddy – Adopted by Penelope Mabie for Barb Keogh.

#25. Isabella – Adopted by Angela Stoops for Isabella Scarfo, our youngest volunteer.

#26. Taipei – Adopted by Louisa (Scooter) Porter (super-adopter!).

#27. Sarah – Adopted by Joe and Paula Quintiliani for granddaughter Sarah.

#28. Jeanette – Adopted by Tiffany Farrell.

#29. Keelie – Adopted by Louisa Porter for a certain team member! (second from right).

#30. Spot – Adopted by Ellen McCormack-Ament for the dedicated volunteers of her animal welfare store (SPOT).

#31. Eliza – Adopted by Gail Joice for her friend Eliza.

#32. Winona – Adopted by students and staff of Winona State University’s St. Croix class. Winona returned on 14 May 2020 and got a satellite tag. We followed her nesting movements around St. Croix for the season.

#33. Miss Maple – Adopted by Emily and Wes Hogarth.

#34. Catherine Rose – Adopted by Amy Adkins.

#35. Gertie – Adopted by Sandi Schultz.

#36. Dana Rae – Adopted by Kyle Woudstra for our research assistant Dana Rae.

#37. Michelle – Adopted by SUPER Volunteer Donna Boles for her niece Michelle.

#38. Rie – Adopted by Bejai and Dan Higgins.

Thanks everyone! We had a great season!

The St. Croix Sea Turtle Project is supported by the Sea Turtle Census Initiative, which is sponsored by  The Ocean Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3) organization, based in Washington, D.C., but working globally to protect our oceans.