2018 Adopted Turtles

Leatherback turtles from the 2018 Season (CLICK ON names below)

We found 38 individual turtles in 2018. You can find their summaries (nesting history, tags, adopted parents, etc.) below. Thank you to all our supporters! You make a huge difference to our volunteer research assistant program by providing funds for groceries!

A few of our volunteer research assistants for the 2018 season!

#1. Agnes – Adopted by Dave and Debbie Bucholtz for Molly.

#2. Jillene – Adopted by Peter and Jillene White.

#3. MaryLisa – Adopted by The Mauney Family.

#4. Amy-Lee – Adopted by Mike McKay for Amy Semple – our 10-season volunteer 🙂

#5. Joasia – Adopted by Mike Stiell for Joasia Pyrz.

#6. Rose – Adopted by Dave and Debbie Bucholtz in memory of their friend Rose.

#7. Jumbie – Adopted by Molly Murray.

#8. Tassi – Adopted by Louisa (Scooter) Porter.

#9. Laurel – Adopted by Carrie Althouse at Althouse Pottery.

#10. Edith – Adopted by Olivia and George Korsun.

#11. Moana – Adopted by The Higgins Family (Kirsten and Tristan).

#12. YaYa – Adopted by The Scarfo Family for our research assistant Alyssa (YaYa).

#13. Milly – Adopted by The Huenefeld Family.

#14. Enid Fern Adopted by The Freys and Knoells.

#15. Dawn Adopted by Caretta Nature Tours.

#16. Culebra Adopted by the STX Leatherback Team in 2016.

#17. Nathalie – Adopted by Avril Amato in memory of her daughter Nathalie.

#18. BB2 Adopted by Amy, Susie and Cathy in memory of dear Becky (BB2).

#19. Nikki – Adopted by Louisa (Scooter) Porter.

#20. Caicos – Adopted by Louisa (Scooter) Porter (super-adopter!).

#21. Dorothy – Adopted by Gail Joice.

#22. M&M – Adopted by The LaCasella Family for Maleia and Masen.

#23. Taffy – Adopted by Barbara Mogel.

#24. Lucy McGillicuddy – Adopted by Penelope Mabie for Barb Keogh.

#25. Isabella – Adopted by Angela Stoops for Isabella Scarfo, our youngest volunteer.

#26. Taipei – Adopted by Louisa (Scooter) Porter (super-adopter!).

#27. Sarah – Adopted by Joe and Paula Quintiliani for granddaughter Sarah.

#28. Jeanette – Adopted by Tiffany Farrell.

#29. Keelie – Adopted by Louisa Porter for a certain team member! (second from right).

#30. Spot – Adopted by Ellen McCormack-Ament for the dedicated volunteers of her animal welfare store (SPOT).

#31. Eliza – Adopted by Gail Joice for her friend Eliza.

#32. Winona – Adopted by students and staff of Winona State University’s St. Croix class. Winona returned on 14 May 2020 and got a satellite tag. We followed her nesting movements around St. Croix for the season.

#33. Miss Maple – Adopted by Emily and Wes Hogarth.

#34. Catherine Rose – Adopted by Amy Adkins.

#35. Gertie – Adopted by Sandi Schultz.

#36. Dana Rae – Adopted by Kyle Woudstra for our research assistant Dana Rae.

#37. Michelle – Adopted by SUPER Volunteer Donna Boles for her niece Michelle.

#38. Rie – Adopted by Bejai and Dan Higgins.

Thanks everyone! We had a great season!

The St. Croix Sea Turtle Project is sponsored by The Ocean Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, in cooperation with US Fish and Wildlife Service at Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.