2021 Adopted Turtles

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🌟 Leatherback Turtles for 2021 🌟

Satellite tracked leatherbacksSee all tracks here!

Nellie – Adopted by Vicki Nelson for her husband Steve Nelson. Nellie first nested on 10 April and then was fitted with a satellite tag on 4 May!

Ann – Adopted by volunteers Jim and Ann Mulder, in 2019! Ann returned this year and first nested on 10 April. πŸ™‚ Ann got her satellite tag on 20 April.

Spot – Adopted by Ellen McCormack-Ament for the dedicated volunteers of her animal welfare store (SPOT) back in 2018. Spot returned this year and was observed on 20 April! Spot was given a satellite tag on 1 May during her third nesting event for the year.

Cindy – Adopted by volunteer Joe Salomone for his wife, Cindy. Cindy nested first on 3 May and she got a satellite tag the same night!

Mona – Adopted by Andrea Schultz for her mother, Mona. Mona first nested on 4 May and was given her satellite tag the same night!

Sunshine – This beautiful turtle was named by our research team during an early morning daylight nesting in 2017. She got her satellite tag on 4 May this year!

Tito – Adopted by Julie Flavin in honor of her daughter Tamara’s birthday, back in 2019. She returned this year and got a satellite tag!

Carol – Adopted by the Benedict Family at Cottages by the Sea for their mom, Carol. She last nested in 2019, and arrived the night of 4 May. We gave her a satellite tag!

Other Leatherback Turtles for 2021! These turtles have flipper tags and microchips that allow us to ID them when they return to nest each time.

Ariella Cassandra Adopted by Vanessa Findiesen for her grandson Ben, who gave Ariella Cassandra her name in 2019! AC surprised some guests at Cottages by the Sea, when she came up to nest in the early evening hours of 7 March on Cottages Beach (unusual, they are normally out at Sandy Point).

Nathalie – Sponsored again this year (for a third time) by Avril Amato, Nathalie is named in memory of Avril’s daughter. Nathalie nested for the first time at Sandy Point in 2018, and she was our first observed turtle of 2021 night patrols on 31 March!

Bijou – Adopted by Craig and Patricia Hebert, in honor of their tortoise πŸ˜‰ Bijou first nested on 2 April 2021.

Snickers – Adopted by 2017 volunteer and frequent supporter, Louisa Porter. Snickers first nested on 5 April 2021.

Ingenue – Adopted by Kirsten and Tris Higgins for k.d. lang πŸ˜‰ Ingenue nested for the first time this year on 23 April.

Norma – Adopted by Casey Keefe and friends for our research assistant, Dana. Norma’s first nest was 23 April.

Rosie – Adopted by Nancy Byrnes, who loves St. Croix and sea turtles! Rosie’s first nest was 26 April. She is an old turtle, she first nested at Sandy Point in 1999!

Neisha – Adopted by Dave and Donni Benson for their daughter in 2019. That year she nested first on 28 May but this year she was early and nested on 30 April.

Sarah – Adopted by Joe and Paula Quintiliani for granddaughter Sarah in 2018. Sarah nested several times that year and this year her first appearance was on 2 May.

Tracie Fern – Adopted by Reed Maxson in memory of his mom and to honor the nickname his mother gave his wife  πŸ™‚ Tracie Fern was first found nesting on 6 April.

Kaitlyn – Adopted by Reed Maxson for his daughter. Kaitlyn’s first nest was 8 April.

Lydia – Adopted by Don and Melody Huenefeld, for a special lady (and sister to Milly – who they adopted in 2018). Lydia’s first nest of 2021 was on 27 April.

Jane – Adopted by Katie Marchand for her mom, Jane. Jane’s first nest was on 20 April.

Bourtney – Adopted by Mary Peck for her sister, Courtney. Bourtney’s first nest was 1 April.

Liberty Bell – Adopted by Linda Kaysen for her granddaughter Landry, who named Liberty Bell! Liberty Bell was first found nesting on 12 April.

Saffron – Adopted by Brett Greenleaf for his wife Amber, who named Saffron! Saffron first nested this year on 26 April.

Fran – Adopted by Ellen and Tony Drago. Fran was spotted on 11 May, but didn’t nest that night. She was checking out her options!

Lizzy – Adopted by Tracy Mahaffey for her mom, Mary Brunk, who named Lizzy! Lizzy’s first nest was on 12 May.

Scoots – Adopted by the Mangum family with thanks to Grandma Diane! Scoots first nested on 19 April.

M&M β€“ Adopted by The LaCasella Family for Maleia and Masen in 2018. She returned in 2021 ❀️

🌟 Green Turtles for 2021 🌟

Meeko – Adopted by Heather Klein for her daughter Meghan Krause. Meeko was found on 15 April and given her flipper tags! BBQ989. She nested successfully at Sandy Point.

Agnes – Adopted by Hayes Sanborn. Agnes first nested on the evening of 9 August. Tag: KKX121.

Gigi Rose – Adopted by Joan Myers in honor of her grandmother, and also in honor of her husband’s grandmother! Gigi Rose was first tagged in the early morning hours of 10 August! Tag: KKX044.

Happy – Adopted by Grandma Sally Hewitt for her granddaughter, Navie Bean! Happy’s first nest was on 11 August. Tag: KKX053.

Maya Papaya – Adopted by Virginia Holeman for her first born granddaughter ❀️ Maya Papaya was found nesting by Claudia on 11 August. Tag: KKX051.

Bronze – Adopted by Scott Hughes for Janell Hughes! Bronze made her first appearance on the night of 11 August. Tag: BBQ996.

Minnie – Adopted for Jacob Gleason by his family. Minnie is a tiny turtle, and her first nest was 11 August. Tag: KKX095.

Troy – Adopted and named by Zach Moskowitz. Troy first nested on 12 August. Tag: KKX125.

Gwendolyn Elizabeth – Adopted and named by Nikki Cicero in memory of dear friend Gwen, for happy memories, hurricane spaghetti and friendship ❀️ Gwendolyn was found nesting for the first time on 17 August, and tagged by the real Gwen’s friend Kelly. Tag: KKX041.

Roxie – Adopted and named by the Leigh family. Roxie’s first nest at Sandy Point was 12 August. Tag: KKX159.

Mesita! Adopted by Amy Frey for a school fundraiser in La Mesa, CA! Mesita’s first nest was 13 August. Tag: KKX111.

Skye Pelikaokeanuenue – Skye P. was adopted and named by Gayle Enriquez for her granddaughter. Skye first nested and got her tags on 12 August. Tag: KKX116.

Valentina – Adopted and named by Cheryl Dolloff for her granddaughter, Valentina first nested on 16 August. Tag: BBQ976. Cheryl also sponsored Valentina’s nest! ❀️

Dotsie – Dotsie was adopted in honor of Bill Weeks mom, Dorothy. Dotsie first nested on 13 August. Tag: KKX075.

Leela – Leela was adopted and named by Caresse Hansen. She first nested on 17 August! Tag: KKX160.

Paula P. – Turtle KKX162 was adopted and named by Suzanne Delucia in honor of her aunt Paula! Paula P. got her tags on 13 August. Tag: KKX162.

Bonnie – Bonnie was adopted and named by Brian Wicks and Jen Matchey in honor of Jen’s mom! Her first nest this year was 19 August. Tag: UUK954.

Flowerz – Flowerz was adopted and named by Jennifer Smolka, in honor of her sister’s family, including Jill Z ❀️ Flowerz first nested at Sandy Point on 7 September. Tag: KKX165.

Genevieve – Genevieve was adopted and named by Kelly Stewart for her aunt, Genevieve. Her first nest was 18 August. Tag: KKX117.

Nixie – Nixie was adopted and named by Kelly Stewart for her friend, Nikki Cicero. Her first nest was 25 August. Tag: KKX195.

Schatzi – Schatzi is German for “sweet” and this sweet green turtle laid her eggs in the forest right at the tip of Sandy Point on 26 August. She was adopted and named by Jill Swartz and her husband! Tag: MK183.

Merwin – Merwin is a roaming St. Croix green turtle! She was adopted and named by Mary and Jim Black. Her first nest was 28 August, and she’s a special green turtle – she was first tagged in 2012 all the way over at Jack and Isaacs Bay beaches! Tag: EEF057.

Kolika – Kolika was first seen on 17 September, and was instantly adopted and named by Danielle Young and Patrick Kocovsky! Tag: SP019.

Anna – Anna was adopted and named in memory of Anna Herda, by the Manns Family❀️ Her first nest was 22 August. Tag: TTH379.

Princess Leia – Princess Leia was adopted and named by Kelly P, who volunteers at Sandy Point. Princess Leia’s first nest was 23 August. Tag: UUK989.

Stephanie – Stephanie was adopted and named by Paul Mercurio. Stephanie’s first nest was 18 August. Tag: KKX132.

Olivia – Olivia was adopted by Corinne Barber for her grandson Logan! Olivia’s first nest was 19 August. Tag: KKX139.

Sandy – Sandy was adopted by Sandy Robb through participation in the St. Croix Environmental Association’s Holiday Auction! Sandy’s first nest was 13 August! Tag: KKX065.

Parsnip Wallace – Adopted and named by Xenia Lok for her dear friends, Matt and Melissa Wallace. Parsnip’s first nest was on 23 August. Tag: KKX153.

Gavina – Adopted by Karen Kinne for her son Gavin! Gavina was first observed nesting on 19 August. Tag: KKX058.

Jane Marie – Adopted by Sharon Grimes for Annie Stanfield, Jane Marie is named in memory of Jane Marie Stanfield, sister to Annie. She first nested at Sandy Point on 10 September. Tag: KKX196.

🌟 Hawksbill Turtles for 2021 🌟

Blue – Adopted and named by Cara Pascal at St. Croix Blue House πŸ˜€ Blue nested for the first time on 5 August at Sandcastle on the Beach! Tag: KKX043.

Arline – Adopted for Vanessa Peifer by her family for her birthday. Vanessa chose the name Arline for her turtle! Arline first nested on 17 August. Tag: KKX150.

Gwen – Adopted and named by Sharon Grimes in honor of our friend Gwen Skeoch. Gwen was found nesting on 20 August under a sea grape tree. Tag: TTH303.

Kitty – This little hawksbill was adopted by Brian Wicks and Jen Matchey. Kitty’s first nest was on 28 August. Tag: KKX199.

Yesca – Yesca was adopted and named by Cody and Gretchen Graham. Her first nest was 19 May. Tag: YYL898.

Sancha – Sancha was adopted and named by Cody and Gretchen Graham. Cody and Gretchen helped rescue nearly a hundred hawksbill hatchlings that came out of a nest at Cottages by the Sea one night in early September 😍 Sancha’s first nest was 21 August. Tag: SPP863.

Konane – Konane was adopted and named by Danielle Young and Patrick Kocovsky. Her first nest was 18 September. Tag: KKX168.

Sammy – Sammy was adopted by Patsy Davis for her daughter Harriet Kendall, who volunteered at Sandy Point years ago! Sammy’s first nest was 27 August. Tag: BBQ819.

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