7 May update – new turtles!

A really fun week here at Sandy Point with our leatherbacks and our team! We’ve seen two new turtles, as well as familiar faces from earlier in the season. This week, our local volunteers helped out tremendously with patrols, and kept us entertained with stories and questions! Thanks to Ellie and Kenny Schatz, Tracy Cole, Paul Peters and Julia Baldini for their assistance! On Friday we were joined by Caretta Nature Tours – they will be volunteering with us on various projects through 12 May. Welcome and thank you all – it’s great to meet you!

New turtles this week – 

SPP410 – nested on 1 May, is 156 cm long and needs a name!

SPP345 – nested on 2 May, is a bit larger at 164 cm and also is looking for a name! Visiting researcher Ayaka attached a satellite transmitter and depth recorder to SPP345 so she’ll be able to track her for the next 10 days, when she’ll retrieve the equipment to see where she has traveled! Ayaka and Lily were a big help this week in patrolling as well, even while they were working on their own study 🙂

Returning turtles this week – 

Laurel (SPP295) laid her second nest of the season on 30 April.

Joasia & Amy-Lee both came to visit, 1 May and 3 May, respectively.

MaryLisa laid her fourth nest this year on 3 May. She’s our best turtle yet, very faithful!

Enid Fern, one of our neophytes this year, laid her second nest on 3 May.

Finally, we had Nathalie return for her second nest, just nine days after being tagged. The Caretta Nature Tour volunteers were able to see her nesting just last night, right after midnight and moonrise.

Turtles named! This week, two of our turtles were adopted and given names. Thank you to the following families for contributing to our work!

SPP402 – adopted by Avril Amato, named Nathalie in honor of her daughter.

SPP111 – adopted by Erin LaCasella, named m&m for her children, Masen and Maleia.

Our volunteer training meeting was well attended, with lots of interest. Refuge biologist Claudia explains the project goals.









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