Countdown to the Symposium!

Each year, sea turtle researchers, students, volunteers and enthusiasts gather at the International Sea Turtle Symposium to share information, learn what’s new and get invigorated for upcoming sea turtle nesting seasons! This year the meeting will be in Charleston, South Carolina from 1-9 February.

Our team has a lot to share from our Sandy Point 2018 season. We have been accepted to present FIVE posters and ONE talk at the meeting. Over the few weeks coming up to the symposium, we will be sharing with you a summary of each of our presentations.

First up is Nina! Nina worked on mapping GPS points of nest locations at Sandy Point to investigate the distribution of nests over the season and to compare the distributions of natural vs. relocated nests (we have to relocate some nests because they are in danger of washing away). She then investigated hatching success of the nests to see if some locations are better for relocated nests than others. These investigations help us manage the production of hatchlings leaving Sandy Point. If we can choose great locations for the nests we have to relocate, then we will increase the number of hatchlings making it into the water (which is a key management goal).

Nina will be presenting her poster during the poster session scheduled for 5 February @ 5:45 to 7:00 pm.

8. marking an emerging nest
Research assistant Nina marks an emerging clutch of hatchlings – the last few are still in the sand, while others have escaped – you can see remnants of their tracks!


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