Last minute gift idea – Turtle adoption!

Searching for that last minute gift for someone who loves nature and animals? Consider adopting a nesting leatherback turtle (you get to name her!), or a nest of leatherback hatchlings! You’ll get a certificate that you can print at home (in time for Christmas), and regular updates on your turtle or nest as below. All donations are tax-deductible (a gift for you!).

For a $100 donation to The Ocean Foundation, you can name a nesting turtle. You’ll receive an adoption certificate by Christmas, and in the New Year we’ll send you a leatherback T-shirt, a sticker, a notification each time your turtle nests and a summary at the end of the season with her stats (# of nests, dates seen, etc.). To name a turtle, go to the following link, enter your information, and in the Comments box, add the turtle name you’d like and the person you are adopting her for. Name your turtle for 2018!

In the early morning light, volunteer Dana takes notes on Rapunzel’s condition and nest.

For a $50 donation, you can adopt a nest. You’ll receive an adoption certificate (before Christmas), and in the New Year, a leatherback sticker, and the stats about your nest at the end of the season (date laid, nesting mom, how many hatchlings emerged, etc.). To adopt a nest, go to the following link and enter your information. In the Comment box, please mention that you are adopting a nest and who it is for. Adopt a nest here for 2018!

2017-06-05 18.30.18
Volunteer Nina keeps an eye on hatchlings emerging from the sand.

Your donations for naming turtles or adopting nests ultimately support our volunteer team, who spend their summers dedicated to protecting turtles. Donations are fully tax-deductible (you will receive an email and tax letter instantly upon donating) and are so much appreciated! Thank you for your support!

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