#GivingTuesday is Today!

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We’ve done all the shopping traditions around the Thanksgiving holiday – Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday… Now we move on to the best day! #GivingTuesday! Today opens up the Season of Giving by supporting activities that are closest to our hearts and feeling happiness at being able to help others! You can search for local organizations in your community at the #GivingTuesday website to learn how to get involved with helping a project that is meaningful to you.

Here at the Sea Turtle Census, we know that our work in protecting and studying sea turtles would not be possible without the ongoing support of friends, volunteers, cheerleaders, helpers, donors, and the public. Last year you helped us support our team monitoring and protecting nesting leatherback turtles and their hatchlings at Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge. Over the season, we had nearly twenty volunteers assist with this important work and we are already busy making plans for the 2018 season!

Today for #GivingTuesday our goal is to raise $500 toward our bigger goal of raising $7,000 before New Year’s Eve. We have already been given our first pledge of $50, so only $450 to go – for today! Click to donate here!

Any donation over $25 will receive one of our special project t-shirts with our thanks! Also, all of your donations are tax-deductible, and you’ll receive your tax letter as soon as you donate.

There are many ways to help! You can name a nesting turtle for $100, adopt a nest for $50, OR get a great t-shirt for $25 (includes shipping).

There are other ways to help out too that don’t involve dollars, but something more valuable, your time! Follow us on Facebook, read updates on our project website, or if you live in St. Croix, come volunteer with us (email us at SandyPoint.Leatherbacks@gmail.com for more information).

We hope you will join us! or join someone! And get into the spirit of giving back!

Happy #GivingTuesday!

A leatherback female covers her nest in the early morning. These are the turtles that have been followed for forty years! Help us keep this effort going to understand these giants of the sea!

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