Thank you to our donors for naming our nesting turtles!

Since we posted a couple weeks ago about the opportunity to name a turtle to help support the work we do here at Sandy Point, we have had an amazing response! Thank you so much to the following people who have named turtles in honor of someone they love!

Mike and Angelica were the first to name a turtle this year and we really appreciate their support. They named their turtle Seri, in honor of the Seri people of Sonora, Mexico. The Seri people revere the leatherback turtle and hold ceremonies to honor this ancient species. National Geographic has a great video about the Seri and the leatherback here.

Tony and Ellen – named two turtles, one is Ginger and one is Grace (named after Tony’s mom) – these will be the next two turtles we find!

Samantha – Mishka is her turtle (full name: Hamish MacGillicuddy, after her son!). Mishka nested on April 10th but hasn’t been seen since.

Greg and Amy named two turtles! One is Ruby (named for the ruby seadragon, a beautiful seahorse); Ruby has nested a record six times this season – I’m sure we’ll see her again. The other turtle is Lucille, named for Amy’s mom. Lucille has nested twice at Sandy Point this year – the last time was on May 12th.

Pamela – named a turtle Donna in honor of one of our long-time volunteers and friends – Donna last nested on May 11th.

Donna – named a turtle Pamela  🙂  Pamela has nested once on April 13th.

We still have some turtles to name! You can name your turtle here! Click on the $100 donation amount, and then leave your name for your turtle in the Comment box. Thank you so much for all your support.  🙂

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